DC Comics Sleeves

Key Features

Release Date: 02.18.2015

Protect Your Deck-building Games!

Over the past year, we've started noticing something about our fans. They seem to really enjoy playing the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, but not like other games. This is a game that will be played for hours, multiple times a week. During the time, every few mintues, the cards are being shuffled, vigirously, by very excited and happy players. So, even though we use the absolute best, most premium paper possible, we're starting to notice a scuff here and a little bit of wear there on the cards from our dedicated fans. 

We're very invested in listening to our fans and we've heard that you would like some way to protect your cards but the current available options just don't fit with the DC theme. Solid color sleeves are ok and they get the job done, but they just don't feel awesome enough.

Looking to protect your game? In a few short months, you'll be able to shuffle in style. 



Product Details

Dimentions: W 6.5”x L 5.5”xD 0.5” 

80 Illustrated sleeves per pack

50 Packs of Sleeves per Case 


  • 80 count Batman Sleeve Pack 
  • 80 count Justice League Sleeve Pack 
  • 80 count The Joker Sleeve Pack