Adventure Time Card Wars: For the Glory! Booster Set

Key Features

Release Date: 04.23.2014

Get ready to Party Dance Style and floop some cards!  The Adventure Time Card Wars: For The Glory! Booster Set gives you over 100 new cards to crush your opponents using a slew of fresh card effects. Modify your decks from the original Collector’s Packs with sparkly new cards from all across the land. 

With a focus on mixed Landscape decks, there’s something for everyone… but watch out! Your opponents will be carefully inspecting your Landscapes and looking for a strategic advantage. Card effects based on the opponent’s Landscape types will turn this game upside down. 

Put on your future goggles to make sure you scope out the NiceLands cards sprinkled in this set. You’ll get a little taste of the fifth type of Landscape but save the drool for later. Most of this set will be based on the Useless Swamps, Blue Plains, Cornfields, and SandyLands Landscapes you found in the Adventure Time Card Wars Collector’s Packs.

Product Details

Number of Players: 2
For Ages: 10 and up
Playing Time: 15–30 minutes
MSRP per Pack: $4.00
MSRP per Display Box: $96.00

Requires an Adventure Time Card Wars Collector’s Pack to play

Contents Summary:

  • 9 Cards per pack (6C, 2U, 1R)
  • 24 Packs per display
  • 12 Displays per case


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