Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Games

By Amanda Barker

​The holiday season is upon us, and gamers are on the hunt for the best deals, the hottest products, and, of course, the perfect presents for all the loved ones in their lives. Luckily, our team at Cryptozoic has compiled a comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide of our tabletop games to help you find just what you’re looking for at varying price points. Whether you’re into party games, competitive games, or hardcore hobby games, we’ve got you covered!




Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game

The Superfriends have gathered at the Hall of Justice to take on the challenge of thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time. Play your cards right and you'll defeat the Legion of Doom! Based on the classic animated TV show, Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game utilizes Cryptozoic’s GRYPHON card game engine to deliver a fast-paced, easy-to-learn tabletop experience. The game features simultaneous play as 2 to 4 players reveal their cards at the same time to capture Super-Villains. The simple, addictive gameplay rewards both luck and strategy as cards call forth allies or Super Powers that can change the outcome. Fans can play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman. This game is perfect for any DC fan looking for a quick and fun gaming experience!

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Rick and Morty: Look Who's Purging Now Card Game

Get ready to unleash your purging instincts with Rick and Morty as you fight to survive the annual purge festival on an alien planet. Play your cards right and you'll make it out alive! Based on the popular episode of the TV show, Rick and Morty: Look Who’s Purging Now Card Game utilizes Cryptozoic’s GRYPHON card game engine to deliver gameplay that unfolds at lightning speed and is easy to learn. The game features simultaneous play as 2 to 4 players reveal their cards at the same time to rack up kills. The simple, addictive gameplay rewards both luck and strategy as Weapon Cards (found items or Rick’s inventions) lead to effects that can change the outcome of the game. Fans can play as Rick, Morty, and others, with art from the episode. This game is ideal for anyone searching for a game that plays fast and has that trademark Rick and Morty sense of humor.

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DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 8: Batman Ninja

Based on the Batman Ninja animated feature, this expansion for the popular DC Deck-Building Game series is set in feudal Japan and allows 2-5 players to become Super Heroes who battle Super-Villains in giant castles that come to life. Moreover, it introduces cards with the keyword “Ninjutsu” that provide effects that can be invaluable to victory, particularly when the Super-Villains merge to form one final challenge. This expansion is great for any fan of our DC Deck-Building Game line, but make sure you have one of the base games first! 

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Pantone: The Game

Pantone: The Game

In this easy-to-learn competitive party game, 2-20 players try to recognize characters from pop culture who are represented only by abstract arrangements of colors, inspired by Pantone™, the world’s leading color expert. Designed by Scott Rogers (Rayguns and Rocketships, the God of War video game series), the game garnered glowing reviews from many outlets, including highly regarded podcast and YouTube channel The Dice Tower. This game is perfect for playing with family and friends during the holidays, and would make a perfect gift for any special graphic designers in your life! 

$30 - Buy Now

Spyfall: Time Travel

Spyfall: Time Travel

In this latest social deduction card game in the popular Spyfall series, 2-8 players take on roles in memorable locations from history, as well as some futuristic locations. In the intense timed rounds, the non-spy players ask questions and give answers to deduce which one of them is the spy without giving away the location, while the spy player tries to figure out the location before his or her identity is revealed. The locations include the Colosseum, the French Revolution, Leonardo’s Studio, and a Lunar Base, among many others across time. 

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Rick and Morty: The Morty Zone Dice Game

Based on the Season 4 premiere episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, the competitive roll-and-write game lets 2-4 players roll colored dice and check off numbers on their dry-erase Fate Boards to score points. Players can use Rick cards to reroll or remove some dice and can score additional points by meeting goals on Public Bonus Cards and Secret Death Crystal Tokens and by fulfilling Smith Family Bonuses. This dice game is perfect for any Rick and Morty fans in your life who are excited about the new season! 

$25 - Buy Now


Epic Spell Wars™ of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON Deck-Building Game

The first Epic Spell Wars deck-building game features the trademark over-the-top, mature humor and art that fans have come to expect from the series. It utilizes Cryptozoic’s Cerberus Engine in innovative ways as 2-5 players become Wizards and try to buy magical Spell, Wizard, Treasure, and Creature cards—among other card types—in order to defeat their opponents and become the Annihilageddon Tournament Champion.

$40 - Buy Now


DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth

This entry in the popular DC Deck-Building Game series breaks fresh ground with linked Campaign Scenarios, character progression, and character movement between iconic locations. In the game, 1-4 players become members of the Justice League and move their standees to find cards for their decks and defeat dastardly Villains. Each Scenario includes special rules, new cards, and different locations. You can play cooperatively, competitively, or solo! If you know is a fan of our DC Deck-Building Game, this would make a great addition to their collection.

$45 - Buy Now


Do the gamer in your life already have all they games they want this holiday season? Be sure to check out the different game accessories we offer to enhance their favorite games!

DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth - Playmat  DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 8: Batman Ninja - Playmat + Promo Card EPIC SPELL WARS™ OF THE BATTLE WIZARDS: ANNIHILAGEDDON DECK-BUILDING GAME - Statue Pantone: The Game - Booster Pack 1
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