DC Bombshells Trading Cards III: Sketch Card Preview, Part 5

By Shahriar Fouladi

Please enjoy the fifth preview of Sketch Cards from DC Bombshells Trading Cards III! Links to contact the many talented artists can be found below the images of their work.

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Mary Bellamy: Website | DeviantArt | Instagram | Twitter

Matthew Stewart: Website | Twitter

Matthew Sutton: Website | Instagram

Michael Mastermaker: Instagram | Website

Michael Munshaw: Website | Instagram | DeviantArt | Twitter 

Mike Legan: ArtStation

Neil Camera: LinkedIn

Niall Westerfield: Website

Norvien Basio: Instagram | DeviantArt

Omar Soto: FacebookInstagram | DeviantArt

Orlando Baez: DeviantArt

Patrick Finch: DeviantArt  | Twitter

Phil Juliano: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Raz Ortiz: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Rebecca Sharp: Twitter

Rene Cordova: Instagram


If you are interested in becoming a Sketch Card artist for Cryptozoic, we accept portfolios and art submissions for commissioned work. Please submit your artwork or portfolio to art.submission@cryptozoic.com


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