Black Lives Matter

By Shahriar Fouladi

Since Cryptozoic was founded in 2010, the soul of our company has been unmistakably progressive. We continue to believe that our society has work to do so that it lives up to its ideals and people everywhere are treated with fairness and compassion, regardless of race, gender, orientation, or ethnicity.

We have been inspired by the protests across the world following the senseless murder of George Floyd. We support real reform, in particular to the police, NOW to address the deep injustices people of color suffer every single day. We stand with the protestors making history. We stand with equality. We stand with compassion. We stand with being better than we are today. Black Lives Matter.
The Cryptozoic Team
Shahriar's picture Shahriar Fouladi

Shahriar has been working as a writer and editor for Cryptozoic since 2014. When not berating people about incorrect usage of commas, he enjoys staring at walls, eating fruit, and telling toddlers he's taller than them. He also likes superheroes, comic books, TV shows, and Alfred Hitchcock movies. In his free time, you can usually find him hanging out with his wife Laura, enacting some sort of mischief together.